The Accounting Research Groups at the Free University of Bolzano and University of Padova are pleased to announce the second edition of the Accounting Summer Camp.

The Accounting Summer Camp aims at bringing together junior and more experienced researchers in empirical financial accounting and will host two events:

the Emerging Researchers Consortium (3-4 July) at the University of Bolzano, followed by

the Journal of Law, Finance, and Accounting Conference (5-6 July) at the University of Padova.

Opening lecture at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano on July 3 2018 with prof. Robert Fry Engle, American economist and winner of the 2003 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences

From left to right, professors Paolo Perego, Amedeo Pugliese, Lucie Courteau, Nobel Prize for Economic Sciences Robert F. Engle, Paolo Lugli, Rector of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano and Massimiliano Bonacchi

Glimpses of the conference in Bozen-Bolzano

Some other pictures of the second part of the event, at the University of Padua

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